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by | Feb 2, 2018

We are a family owned CrossFit gym in the heart of Papillion, Nebraska. We chose our name for a very specific reason. Here is the definition of Khrusos:

Khrusos – Anything in the process of developing. [from Latin chrysallis, from Greek khrusallis, from khrusos meaning gold.

As Papillion means “butterfly”, chrysalis is the perfect description of personal development and growth.

Our mission is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for each athlete to feel supported along their journey of development. We believe that anyone can do CrossFit! We have athletes with personal injuries or health issues that enjoy doing CrossFit every day. Our helpful coaches can scale any workout to meet the needs of any individual.

What sets us apart is the culture our athletes have created over the years. We believe every athlete is a member of our family in which we support and encourage. Anyone who walks through our doors immediately recognizes the tight-knit team we have created and feels welcomed.

Here is how Mari, an athlete at our gym for over 5 years, describes her experience at CrossFit Khrusos:

“I love the bonding and family atmosphere. My fellow coaches and athletes encourage me before, during and after the workout. What I love most is when the last person is still working to finish, everyone continues to encourage them to do their best. They may grab a jump rope or even get back on the rack to let you know that you are not alone in the fight to finish.”

We also have a team of coaches who specialize in CrossFit, nutrition, and weightlifting. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss membership options or come in to try a complimentary class!

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